SPD and Surgical Products Product List Continued

Products are listed in the SPD & Surgical Products Catalog order. This is a long list split into 2 columns, scroll to view all product links. A pdf of the SPD & Surgical Products Catalog is available on the main page of the website.


Sterile Wrap Protection / Padding


Tray Belts Sterile Wrap Protection


Honeycomb Tray Belts Sterile Wrap Protection


NoDrip Sterile Wrap Protection & Padding


Absorbent Paper Tray Liners


Tray Corner Guards


Instrument Protection / Padding


Steri-Cel Instrument Protection & Padding


Plasma-Cel Instrument Protection & Padding


Beesafe Honeycomb Instrument & Sterile Wrap Protection


Instrument Trays / Labels


SingleCycle Disposable Instrument Tray


Tamper-Proof Warning Labels


Detergents / Cleaners / Lubricants


Simple2 Multi-Tiered Enzymatic Detergent


Tackle Adhesive Remover


First Step Enzymatic Foaming Spray


Restore Instrument Rust and Stain Remover


Peak Performance Instrument Lubricant



Microfiber Cleaning


Clear Path Microfiber Wipers


Clear Path Microfiber Mops


Cleaning Pads for Surgical Instruments


Draco Deep-Cleaning Pads


Dual-Textured Cleaning Pads


Channel Brushes for Surgical Instruments


Cattails Channel Brushes


Pull-Through Channel Brushes


Ring-Handled Channel Brushes


Patient Positioning


Patient Positioners


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