BeeSafe Padding

Sterile Wrap Protection

Threats to the integrity of CSR wrapped trays are lurking everywhere.

Tray Belts protect wrapped trays from the external damage that can occur during sterilization, storage and transport. Tray Belts provide a cushioned barrier from the many sharp edges that can easily rip and tear sterile wrapping. The Belts also prevent abrasion marks and damage caused by dragging the wrapped tray. Tray Belts are compatible with steam sterilization. Tray Belts are also available in BeeSafe™ Honeycomb material which is compatible for use in low-temperature sterilizers.

Tray Belts offer more complete protection than corner guards.

Corner guards only protect the sterile wrap from the tray's corners, leaving most of the wrapping exposed and vulnerable to damage. Tray Belts are applied to the exterior of the wrapped tray. They cushion and protect the sterile wrap completely. Since Tray Belts are applied to the exterior of the sterile wrapping they don't collect moisture, like corner guards. This eliminates common moisture problems, like wet packs, that can compromise sterile wrapping during steam sterilization.

When it comes to economics, Tray Belts are the clear winner over corner guards.

The amount of Tray Belts™ material needed to protect a tray is relative to the tray size. For large trays, whether you are using Tray Belts or corner guards, the cost is about equal, but if you are using Tray Belts, small and medium trays cost less per tray to protect. This isn't the case with corner guards, four corner guards are needed regardless of tray size. Large or small, there is no reduction in cost, the price to protect a tray with corner guards is fixed.

tray belt closeup tray belt impression tray belts honeycomb
Protect wrapping from external damage. Cushion wrapped trays during storage. Honeycomb Tray Belts
Tray Belts Pre-Cut
Pre-Cut Tray Belts in a dispensing bag. Available in 30" or 46" lengths.
TBR3100NP Tray Belts Roll with Indicator Tape 3" x 100” 8 Rolls with 1 Roll of Indicator Tape.
TBPC30 30" Pre-Cut Tray Belts, 50 belts per dispensing bag,
4 bags per case.
3" wide x 30" long 200 Belts
TBPC46 46" Pre-Cut Tray Belts, 50 belts per dispensing bag,
4 bags per case.
3" wide x 46" long 200 Belts
TBRD10 Tray Belts Acrylic Roll Dispenser 7.5" w x 20" d x 11" h 1 Dispenser
HCR1524 Honeycomb Tray Belts (BeeSafe)
Perforated Roll (8” perf)
15” x 24’ 4 Rolls

Download the Tray Belts vs. Corner Guards Comparison pdf

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